CONTENT of UvA-NEMO Smile Database
  • 400 subjects (185 female, 215 male)
  • 1240 videos of spontaneous/posed smiles (597 spontaneous and 643 posed)
  • Age variation from 8 to 76 years
  • RGB videos recorded with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels at a rate of 50 frames per second
  • Controlled illumination
  • Color chart on the background for further illumination and color normalization

  • For posed (deliberate) smiles, each subject was asked to pose a smile as realistically as possible.
  • Short, funny video segments were used to elicit spontaneous smiles.
  • Approximately five minutes of recordings were made per subject, and genuine smiles were segmented.
  • For each subject, a balanced number of spontaneous and posed smiles were selected and annotated by seeking consensus of two trained annotators.
  • Each segment starts and ends with neutral or near-neutral expressions.